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The Wild Drive Club: A Quick Detour into Future Jargon

If there's one thing we can count on, it's language’s unabashed spontaneity. Just as 'Mile High Club' snuck into our vocabulary, adding a spicy dose of intrigue to aviation, a new term was recently coined during a chat with my buddies Max Marchione and Josh Constine.

Enter 'Wild Drive Club', a playful nod to the antics expected to sprout from the fertile ground of autonomous vehicle technology. As Max cleverly pointed out, once hands are off the wheel, we humans might find slightly promiscuous ways to enjoy our freedom.

Though this is an entertaining thought, the real reason for this blog is to credit the quiet genius, Max Marchione, for this delightful term. Max, a man less likely to broadcast his own brilliance, coined 'Wild Drive Club'. So, I took it upon myself to spotlight his linguistic innovation.

So, the next time you see 'Wild Drive Club' on a bumper sticker or in an autonomous vehicle ad, remember its humble origins. And buckle up, the future of driving, it seems, could be quite wild!

Credits to Max Marchione and Josh Constine for one heck of a conversation 😂

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